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Amsterdam Sevens
Amsterdam Sevens
Two weeks ago we asked you to give us your opinion about what should be next year’s theme.

We’ve collected all the responses on the different social media channels and made a top 5. (arbitrarily listed)

1. Cartoon characters
2. Safari
3. Pool party
4. Showtime
5. Bright and tight

Which of the above will be the winner and become the fancy dress theme of Amsterdam 7s 2019?

You have until this Sunday (21-10- 2018) to help us decide 🙂

Amsterdam 7s June 1st and 2nd

ps. Liking a comment also counts as a vote
Amsterdam Sevens
Amsterdam Sevens
Amsterdam Sevens
Watch and agree.
Scientist say that taking part in a team sport is good for your Health
Turn-Over World Economic Forum #rugbywayoflife



Whether you’re on the pitch or watching from the sidelines, one thing is certain, this tournament represents Rugby as a way of life in all shapes and sizes. Don’t miss out on all the fun!


The power of the game, the amazing atmosphere, the refined VIP-deck and the bustling entertainment square and food court guarantee passionate post-match discussion, full pitchers, good food and great tunes for players and spectators.


We have been organising this 100% rugby event Amsterdam 7s since as long ago as 1972. This three-day rugby tournament has a high fun factor for the young and young at heart. We play the energetic Olympic variant with teams of 7 against 7 and enjoy fast-paced games characterised by explosive running and spectacular sidesteps.


Make sure you are part of the action and add the Amsterdam 7s tournamen to your schedule: 31 May, 1 & 2 June 2019 to your diary dates.

Join the team and don’t miss out on all te fun, follow us on Facebook here


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