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The Amsterdam Sevens have been hosted from 1972 by the Amsterdam Rugby Club: AAC. The rugby that is shown every year over these 2 days, is the best Rugby Sevens from around the world. The Invitation Teams are made up of players from national sides and the best professionals around. With the sport becoming an Olympic Sport, the level of play has become even higher than it already was. This makes that we are set for a great trilling weekend of the best Sevens!


With over 120 teams including Men’s Pier, Shield and Cup tournament, Ladies Pier and Shield tournament and a Veterans 10 a side tournament, there will not be a dull moment with action the whole weekend through. And let’s not forget our Friday morning School tournament. With pride we welcome these school kids and their parents!


The Tournament  takes place on the grounds of our sport park of which we use every inch, including our National Stadium with their artificial pitch. Even when it is raining we will be sure of a quick game!


We are a professional tournament set in a relaxed atmosphere. The social aspect of our tournament is very important to us. We love to know the stories behind the teams and pride ourselves on the fact that people from around the world meet up every year at our tournament. The relaxed atmosphere makes it a great place to enjoy rugby with your family and friends.


There is a hospitality court where you can enjoy some good Dutch food including some specialities from around the world. Here you can also find with our official merchandizing and a bouncy castle for the kids. Enjoy!

Visitor Information

Player or team manager? Make sure pick up your team package at our reception on Friday evening at the grounds. In here you will find all information you need to know for that weekend, including meal tickets or what to do to get these. At the tournament we don’t sell water so make sure you bring your water bottles so you can fill these up.


Make sure you bring along a well charged telephone and note down in which hotel you are staying; you might otherwise end up searching for a long time! All other question, please visit the ladies at the Jury Wagon.


Player without a team? Check out our players market


Spectator? Bring along your well charged telephone for pictures, your wallet including identification and some bottled water. Make sure you are ready for all weather circumstances as the weather might change througout the day. So don’t forget your Sunscreen and sun glasses as you can’t buy these at the hospitality court. You can check for rain on this will show you the rain forecast. Pick up a day schedule and an edition of the RUGBY. magazine at the entrance. We think you’re ready for a great weekend. Enjoy!

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