Sponsor packages 2017-2018

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7 reasons to sponsor the Amsterdam Sevens

1. One of the instigators of 7s tournaments worldwide

The origins of the Amsterdam 7s go right back to 1972. Since then the Amsterdam 7s has become an annual tradition with more than 120 teams from all corners of the globe. The tournament continues to grow, so much so that its reputation can boast approximately 20,000 spectators each year.

2.Opportunity to broaden and strengthen your network

The Amsterdam 7s offers many opportunities to strengthen existing ties and make new ones. Rugby matches at the highest level, a café ambiance and an exclusive Hospitality tent present you, the sponsor, with a spacious setting to make new contacts. Sport links us all and especially rugby.

3.Entertainment within an International setting

70% of the participating teams come from overseas. The established rugby playing nations in Europe like France, England, Italy and Wales are of course very well represented, providing veterans and ladies’ teams, as well as their own top players. But top teams from outside Europe such as Fiji, Kenya and the Middle East also compete at the Amsterdam 7s. Ubiquitous fans and supporters ensure an international and friendly atmosphere.

4.The best game to watch

Since Rio 2016, the game of Rugby 7s has been added to the Olympic Games. Teams of 7 men or 7 women contest matches of 2×7 minutes on a full-sized pitch. What ensues is lots of dynamic action and lots of tries. If you are not familiar with the rules of the game: no problem, in 7 minutes you soon will be.

5.Link your company to the values of Rugby

Rugby is a tough contact sport, but always honest and fair. e key values are integrity, respect, solidarity, passion and of course discipline. All are crucial to the DNA and make up of all rugby players. By linking your company to these values, you are stating clearly that you support such values.

6.Align your brand with a sport that is solid and true

Rugby in the Netherlands is not as popular as football, hockey or athletics. at has its advantages. Rugby players all over the world are linked in their common values. Your association with such a likeminded community will repay your loyalty and attention several times over.

7.Attractive sponsoring packages

The theme for this year’s Amsterdam 7s is ‘Rugby Giants’. Within this theme there are various sponsoring packages available. These range from gigantic beer mats to in a table rugby balls projecting your company’s name and logo. Additionally, there are the traditional sponsor packages and advertising possibilities both on- and offline.

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